He doesn’t remember when his birthday is.

He remembers the day Liam died. He remembers the day Milah died. But it’s been too long and there are too many painful memories for him to remember the day of his birth. Neverland, he blames Neverland.

When Emma finds out…she brings him a calendar. “Pick a day,” she says. “And that one will be yours.”

So he does, unable to refuse his Swan anything.

AN: Surprise, I did a thing. Also, people know I love Killian Jones headcanons.


She lays her chin on his chest, listening to his breathing as he plays with a strand of hair near her cheek. She bites her lip to reel that grin in, trying to look neutral as he tilts his head and gives her a silent smile.

This is Killian Jones, her pirate, her anchor - and she knows almost absolutely nothing about him. That tugs at her heart, a sudden realization that has her frowning too obviously that he notices it the second it showed on her face.

"Swan?" he whispers, and the quiet question in that simple name squeezes her heart even more.

"I just… I realized that I know nothing about you." She meets his too-blue eyes and revels in the warmth in them as they shifted and softened. It’s his ability to understand her in moments where she had been sure no one would want to comprehend her that she finds her strength.

"I’m an open book, love," he says with a little nod. "Come on, fire away."

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